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in 2006, the Journal of Paleontological Techniques (JPT) aims to promote and facilitate the sharing of techniques and methodologies in paleontological research. These include techniques of excavation, collection, conservation, preparation, and exhibition of (fossil) specimens, as well as new scientific methodologies and approaches for paleontological studies. Therefore, we accept a wide variety of articles, ranging from excavation reports, papers in preparation techniques, new methodologies in the scientific study of fossils, and collection catalogues, among others.

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We are an entirely digital, and international journal following a platinum open-access strategy, meaning that we do not charge publication or subscription fees. Our articles are completely freely distributed (generally under a CC-BY license), and available online as pdf. Manuscripts are subjected to peer-review to ensure scientific standards. Papers are published as single-paper volumes upon final approval of the proofs by the authors. Publication in JPT is therefore free and fast, without loosing out on quality.

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Dr Femke Holwerda received her PhD in vertebrate palaeontology in 2019 at the Bavarian State collections of Palaeontology and Geology, and Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. She has conducted research and/or fieldwork in The Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Germany, USA and Argentina. Her main research interests include the early evolution, phylogeny, and taxonomy of sauropods, as well as feeding ecology of terrestrial and marine reptiles, using dentition and biogeochemistry. A recent recipient of the FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg faculty-specific gender equality scholarship, she is currently the Dr Betsy Nicholls Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, studying a Cretaceous mosasaur foodweb from the Bearpaw Fm., Alberta, Canada. Femke has been an EAVP board member since 2015, for which she started the annual Women in Palaeo Workshop. She's been on the editorial board of JPT since 2014, first as technical editor, then Alternate Editor in Chief, and has recently taken over the role over from Dr Emanuel Tschopp.
Executive Editor
Femke Holwerda

Femke Holwerda

Emanuel Tschopp received his MSc in paleontology 2008 at University of Zurich, Switzerland, and his PhD in 2010 at Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, under the supervision of Prof. Octávio Mateus. His main research interests are the phylogeny and evolution of sauropod dinosaurs, in particular of the Late Jurassic faunas from the Morrison and the Lourinhã Formations in the USA and Portugal, respectively, where he also participated in various excavation campaigns. Furthermore, he's interested in speciation processes and evolution at a small scale, and how to use phylogeny for taxonomy. Technical expertise: phylogenetic analysis, taxonomy, 3D digitizing and reproduction, scientific illustration.
Senior Editor
Emanuel Tschopp

Emanuel Tschopp

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